Our Partners

We acknowledge vital partnerships with SLIMS, Child Reintegration Centre, Helping Children Worldwide Global South, Princess Promise, the Sierra Leone Government, and many others, sustain our activities and increase our effectiveness in serving families and children.

In 2023, one of our US based partners altered their plans and ceased funding the interim care home, child protection work, reintegration services, and family strengthening supports we had been providing. Other international partners responded with increased support, recognizing the significant impact our services had on the wellbeing of children in the region and the importance of our continued success. We rebranded the organization, and began the work of registering as a local Sierra Leone NGO in our own right, with local autonomous management and a local governance board.

The support of US and UK based organizations are vital in connecting us with financial resources to accomplish the work, in particular SLIMS-Africa and Helping Children Worldwide, Inc. They continue to be vital capacity-building partners as we develop new supporting partners and build toward total independence in managing our fundraising and facilities, as well as our services.

We want to thank sustaining partners for their generosity.



Whitefield Partners

Funds are collected and disbursed by our USA-based mission partners, Helping Children Worldwide (HCW), SLIMS-Africa, and Whitefield Partners.

HCW is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation, registered to seek funding in the US as an NGO, and authorized to operate as a registered INGO in Sierra Leone.

100% of all funds collected for the CFPS fundraising campaigns of HCW to support our work in child and family permanency are used for the purposes described on the campaign page, and provided to CFPS for use in its work. HCW and CFPS work diligently to ensure that we comply with all laws of charitable institutions, and that funds collected are for the purposes of furthering the nonprofit mission of HCW and CFPS to help children and strengthen families.

Neither HCW nor CFPS provide legal or tax advice, and HCW is a US based 501(c)(3), so 100% of your donations are deductions against US federal income taxes.

Our partners advise that you check with a qualified tax advisor on the deductibility of your donations to CFPS through HCW or any of our partners, particularly if you reside outside of the United States of America.