CFPS Philosophy

Child and Family Permanency isn’t just a catchphrase. Family permanency is essential for human development. We believe in show and tell.

Below you will find our posts on the experiences of the children and families we have encountered in Sierra Leone, the science and theories behind the best practices we use in our work, appreciation for those who have helped us along the way, and celebrations of the dedication and successes of our team, and the families we serve.

Please understand, when we speak of families and children, the names and sometimes identifying details in the stories of their struggles are sometimes fictionalized for the privacy and dignity of vulnerable people. Also, we adhere to child protection policies regarding the sharing of child photos and information, and privacy standards for vulnerable adults we serve. Most generally, we can share actual photos of the people in the stories. But we will utilize stock photos to visually depict the information when privacy rights and child protection policy is implicated in the story.

8 Pillars of CFPS

Pillar 1: Family Preservation and Empowerment

Our primary mission is to empower Sierra Leonean families through CFPS to keep their
children together and avoid separation. We provide tailored support and resources to
strengthen family bonds and help them overcome challenges within the unique context of
Sierra Leone.

Pillar 2: Prevention of Child Separation

We proactively identify Sierra Leonean families at risk of separation and intervene to prevent it, ensuring that children remain within the loving embrace of their families.

Pillar 3: Family Reunification and Reintegration
When separation has occurred, CFPS works to reunite children with their families as soon as it’s safe, providing the necessary support and services for a smooth transition within the cultural and social fabric of Sierra Leone.

Pillar 4: Sustainable Family Empowerment
Our approach empowers families with the skills and resources needed for sustainable self-
sufficiency, resilience, and the ability to care for their children within the unique challenges of Sierra Leone.

Pillar 5: Advocacy for Family-Based Care
We advocate for policies and practices that prioritise family-based care for all children,
making it the standard practice and ensuring children can thrive within their families.

Pillar 6: Holistic Family Support
We provide counselling, material and financial support, education, and training to families, helping them overcome challenges and build stronger bonds within the cultural context of Sierra Leone.

Pillar 7: Community Engagement and Awareness
We engage with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of family
preservation and preventing child separation, fostering a sense of communal responsibility within the cultural landscape.

Pillar 8: Strengthening Communities
We believe in the strength of communities and empower them to care for their own, building a network of resilient and supportive communities while respecting the traditions and values of Sierra Leone.

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