The Purpose of FEAP.

Strengthening and Empowering Impoverished Families in West Sierra Leone so they can be whole.

  • Keep Their Children Together
  • Feed, House and Educate Children
  • Forge and Strengthen Family Bonds
  • Have a Plan for Resiliency in Crisis 

 The Family Empowerment and Advocacy Program is a transformative initiative aimed at strengthening families in Sierra Leone, ensuring they can keep their children and prevent unnecessary separation. We believe that every child deserves the love and care of their family, and we are committed to walking alongside families to empower them sustainably.

Program Objectives

  1. Family Preservation: We provide support and resources to families, helping them overcome challenges and strengthening their ability to care for their children.
  2. Preventing Separation: Our proactive approach focuses on identifying families at risk of separation and intervening in a timely manner with right solutions to prevent the initial family dissolution.
  3. Reunification: When separation has occurred, we work to reunite children with their families as soon as it is safe to do so, providing the necessary support and services.
  4. Empowerment for Sustainability: We empower families with the skills and resources needed for sustainable self-sufficiency and resilience.

Program Activities

  • Counseling and Support: We offer counseling services to families facing challenges, helping them overcome obstacles and strengthen their bonds.
  • Advocacy: Our program advocates for family-based care, working to change policies and practices to ensure children remain with their families whenever possible.
  • Education and Training: We provide education and training to families on essential life skills, parenting, and income-generating activities.
  • Community Engagement: We engage with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of family preservation and preventing child separation.

Why Support the Family Empowerment and Advocacy Program:
 Family-Centered Care: We prioritize family-based care as the best environment for a child’s well-being.

Preventing Trauma: Avoiding unnecessary separation helps protect children from the trauma of being separated from their families.

Empowering Communities and Stakeholders: We believe in the strength of communities, and our program empowers them to care for their own.

A Sustainable Solution: Our program ensures that families are equipped with the tools and knowledge to provide for their children sustainably.

​To learn more about our program, contact the Executive Director at CFPS.


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